Why SIS?

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Why SIS?

Strategic Intelligence Skills (SIS) delivers one of the most innovative and cost-effective high-performance training programs available today. We train professionals and organizations to build the mind-body skills that are essential to realize their performance potential.

Optimal Wellness: Healthy, energetic employees create healthy and dynamic organizations. They keep medical expenses to a minimum and improve morale and professional engagement. SIS provides executives with unique practical, hands-on skills that can be applied in the office and at home.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ): Research clearly shows that EQ is responsible for 70% to 80% of all success. SIS training builds emotional discipline and enhances listening and communication skills. Professionals develop a perceptual sensitivity that improves their instincts and timing.

High-Performance Mind: Among the skills most vital for success is the ability to focus. SIS is the only performance management program that provides professionals with the tools and techniques to successfully enhance their concentration.

Spiritual Intelligence (SI): Meditation leads to heightened sensitivity in all areas of life. SIS brings an unparalleled depth of knowledge and experience to meditation training. Professionals develop greater confidence, wisdom, and compassion.

The bottom-line results of SIS are consistent and profound. With over a century of combined training experience, we show professionals show to joyfully optimize their performance and wellness, organization-wide.