Dr. Phil Nuernberger

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Dr. Phil Nuernberger, President, SIS

Dr. Phil NuernbergerPhil Nuernberger, a PhD in psychology, is a pioneer and innovator in bringing self-mastery disciplines to executive training. In 1970, Dr. Nuernberger introduced the concept of strategic integration of mind, body, and spirit and was among the first to:

  • educate executives in holistic health;
  • establish a successful biofeedback clinic;
  • train professionals in stress management;
  • incorporate concentration and meditation into management training; and
  • develop and teach an MBA course in self-mastery leadership skills.

His leadership in the areas of wellness and performance excellence has attracted a national and international following. Through his business, Strategic Intelligence Skills (SIS), Dr. Nuernberger has trained thousands of professionals in organizations as diverse as Raymond James and Verizon, Cargill and the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Widely published, Dr. Nuernberger has authored six books, co-authored 11 books, and penned over 20 articles that were published in scientific and popular magazines. His latest three books are The Warrior Sage, Freedom’s Path, and Strong and Fearless: The Quest For Personal Power. The latter book is a bestseller for Yes International Publisher.

Previously, Dr. Nuernberger was a visiting faculty member of the Wharton School Aresty Institute of Executive Education at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. He also taught MBA students at DeSales University in Center Valley, Pennsylvania.

For more than 45 years, Dr. Nuernberger studied with the great tantric Sage of the Himalayas, Sri Swami Rama, in the Himalayan Mountains of Northern India and Nepal. He was instrumental in helping to build the Himalayan International Institute,® a research and retreat center for yoga, meditation, and wellness in Honesdale, Pennsylvania, where he served as a member of both the senior faculty and the board of directors until 1996.

An accomplished tantric yoga meditation practitioner, Dr. Phil has been teaching meditation since 1972. He is a retired black belt in Washin-Ryu Karate, and a student of Shaolin Tai Chi.