Deborah Nuernberger

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Deborah Nuernberger, SIS USA

Deborah NuernbergerDeborah Nuernberger brings more than 35 years of teaching experience to Strategic Intelligence Skills. She holds an MS in Education and is experienced as both an Educational Kinesiologist and a Brain Gym® Instructor. Deborah is also codirector of the Center at Rock Ledge in Honesdale, Pennsylvania, where she teaches meditation.

Adept at teaching people of all ages to achieve their highest performance potential, Deborah launched and managed a private Montessori school at the Himalayan International Institute in Honesdale, Pennsylvania. She also taught nutrition and movement at the Honesdale High School.

A 40-year student of meditation, she was personally trained by Sri Swami Rama in tantric yoga meditation. Deborah studied Washin-Ryu Karate with Sensei Heidi Ochiai and, also, Shaolin Tai Chi and Qigong with Master Yang. She is the married mother of three grown children.