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Freedom's Path: The Dancing SoulFreedom’s Path: The Dancing Soul
Author: Dr. Phil Nuernberger
Freedom is an unstoppable force that cannot be given or taken away. It is an unbreakable power that has its source in the spiritual dimension of every human being. An engaging and compelling read, Freedom’s Path will move you to the thoughtful action and discipline necessary to achieve the goal of genuine free will. Based on the teachings of tantric yoga, holistic health, and the martial arts, this practical new guide will show readers everywhere what it means to truly be free. A labor of love 40 years in the making, this enlightening spiritual guidebook will change all readers who venture into it.


Strong and Fearless: The Quest for Personal Power by Dr. Phil NuernbergerStrong and Fearless:
The Quest for Personal Power

Author: Dr. Phil Nuernberger
Strong and Fearless gets to the root cause of today’s epidemic of stress, and offers solutions that are easily applicable and profoundly effective. Readers receive the knowledge and tools to unlock the innate resources of their intelligence and creativity, and to address everyday challenges with emotional integrity and confidence.


The Warrior Sage by Dr. Phil NuernbergerThe Warrior Sage: Life as Spirit
Author: Dr. Phil Nuernberger
Dr. Nuernberger explores religious and scientific theories surrounding human potential and the profound spiritual core that we all share. His prayers and meditations teach readers how to engage the vast resources of their mind, body, and spirit with the fearlessness of a Warrior and the wisdom of a Sage.



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Relaxation and Concentration with
Dr. Phil Nuernberger

Dr. Phil Nuernberger guides all levels of practitioners through four mind-body exercises designed to achieve deep relaxation and concentration. Listeners are taught to relax their muscles and synchronize their breath with heightened awareness. These techniques form the foundation of Strategic Intelligence Skills that optimize health linked to performance.