Total Performance Training™

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Total Performance Training™

Combine professional objectives with personal wellness to measurably improve performance. This customized multi-disciplinary program aligns the Strategic Intelligence Skills (SIS) of Dr. Phil Nuernberger and SIS Partner Bena Long of MindMovement with the performance tracking and tactics of Matthew Cross of Leadership Alliance, and the nutrition and exercise of Chris Johnson of On Target Living.® This alignment of professional and personal development invariably leads to breakthrough performance and growth.

Over the years, program participants have demonstrated considerable improvement in their leadership and performance. SIS successes include:

  • substantial financial growth
  • strategic priorities alignment
  • client retention and growth
  • optimal health and wellness
  • lower stress and higher employee morale
  • insightful communication
  • enhanced firm loyalty

The success of SIS’s innovative Total Performance Training™ is unequaled by traditional management training programs. Enthusiastic supporters include Merrill Lynch,® Bank of America,® and Raymond James.