Foundation Building

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Foundation Building

Build the Strategic Intelligence Skills (SIS) that are essential to achieve high-performance and wellness.

Foundation Building shows professionals how to build mind-body balance, emotional intelligence and a stress-free, high-performance workplace. Professionals who develop strategic intelligence skills become healthier and more energetic.

One professional who arrived at SIS’s workshop was overweight, unable to sleep, and under so much pressure that he just wanted to get back to work. He was asked to stay in the workshop for a short while. The professional relaxed and became so efficient that he completed the Foundation Building workshop and credited SIS with helping him to lose weight, sleep through the night and ultimately save his marriage and career.

Another executive attributed his organization’s $2.4 million savings from higher employee retention to SIS’s high-performance training.

SIS-trained professionals learn how to:

  • balance work and home life
  • manage emotions
  • maintain clarity and focus under pressure
  • sleep peacefully every night
  • enhance performance and wellness overall

SIS Foundation Building creates high-performance success and energy, reduces healthcare costs, and increases morale.