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What People Say

We have been fortunate to share our skills with many companies who have found our programs highly valuable and effective.

Strategic Intelligence Skills: Clients

“Wow! Your work is valuable to business and to society as a whole.”
Trainee from the Wharton School of Business

“Whether the priority is around managing your personal energy, increasing your concentration, focus and attention, or developing life-changing habits to improve your performance and to enhance relationships at work and at home, Strategic Intelligence Skills is the best at providing the insights, tools and skills that allow you to live a more productive and fulfilling life.”
Michael Lewers, Managing Director, BlackRock

“I have had the good fortune of working with Dr. Phil numerous times over the years. He is gifted at teaching what can be a very complex subject with simplicity and clarity. The boundless energy and enthusiasm with which he teaches leaves you engaged throughout training sessions that have takeaway principles and practices one can immediately integrate into one’s daily life, one’s work and one’s love. Dr. Phil has clearly had a positive impact on my life.”
Michael Denti, Senior Vice President and Private Wealth Advisor, Merrill Lynch

“What people find every time is that your courses are life-changing, immediately applicable, and integral to their future success.”
Katie Weasel, Wharton Executive Education

“I think this seminar would be an excellent addition to any hard-working team because it substantially realigns the focus from an external push-and-shove effort to an effortless and confident achievement. It’s a small, but, like the atom, enormously powerful shift in focus.”
David Arthur-Simon, J. P. Morgan Partners

“Thank you very much for delivering a superb program to our executives earlier this month. Everyone was impressed by your innate ability to teach them to discover and develop their personal leadership skills.”
Craig R. Harden, ScotiaBank