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We have become so mesmerized with technology, that we have
forgotten the nearly infinite power of the human mind.

Performance Management Training

To succeed in a world of unprecedented change, we must become as sophisticated in applying our mind-body resources as we are in applying technology. Our comprehensive Strategic Intelligence Skills (SIS) training and private consulting can optimize health linked to performance in every situation, every time. The competitive advantage is both immediate and lifelong. How we can help you »

Dr.Phil's new book

Freedom's Path: The Dancing Soul Freedom is an unstoppable force that cannot be given or taken away. It is an unbreakable power that has its source in the spiritual dimension of every human being. An engaging and compelling read, Freedom's Path will move you to the thoughtful action and discipline necessary to achieve the goal of genuine free will. Based on the teachings of tantric yoga, holistic health, and martial arts experience, this practical new guide will show readers everywhere what it means to truly be free. A labor of love forty years in the making, this enlightening new spiritual guidebook will change all readers who venture into it. Click here »

Dr. Phil on Voice America

The human being is the meeting point between the Infinite One and the limited material realm. Join me as we explore the simple principles and practices that lead to an amazing life. We will touch on the three primary spiritual disciplines that form the foundation of practical mysticism and a spiritual life. Prayer, meditation and contemplation are not things “to do,” but intense and demanding disciplines that lead to various levels of the mystical experience. We will look at the heart of the way to wisdom which underlies all spiritual practices. Listen to Dr. Phil's shows »
This Amazing Life

Our Clients

“What people find every time is that your courses are life-changing, immediately applicable, and integral to their future success.”
Katie Weasel,
Wharton Executive Education

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