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We have become so mesmerized with technology, that we have
nearly forgotten the infinite power of the human mind.

Developing a High-Performance Mind

To succeed in a world of unprecedented change, you must become as efficient in applying your mind as you are in applying technology. We provide professionals and organizations with the Strategic Intelligence Skills (SIS) to optimize their performance and wellness in every situation, every time. The competitive advantage of developing a high-performance mind is both immediate and lifelong. How we can help you »

Read the three latest books
by SIS Founder and President
Dr. Phil Nuernberger

Phil Nuernberger, PhD, is an experienced psychologist and one of the first to introduce professionals and organizations to mind-body skills. He has trained thousands of executives in organizations as diverse as J.P.Morgan, Verizon, Cargill,® and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Nuernberger’s most recent books include:

  • Strong and Fearless is a practical guide that teaches you how to develop and benefit from self-mastery skills and a high-performance mind.
  • The Warrior Sage describes how to apply the disciplines of prayer, meditation, and reflection to help you realize your potential with the fearlessness of a warrior and the wisdom of a sage.
  • Freedom’s Path explores the unstoppable power of the human spirit. Readers learn thoughtful actions and disciplines based on teachings from the martial arts, holistic health, and tantric yoga.
Readers and training clients alike praise Dr. Nuernberger’s management training skills as highly valuable and immediately applicable to their professional and personal lives. All SIS books and training provide you with keys to help unlock the infinite power of your mind.

Our Clients

“What people find every time is that your courses are life-changing, immediately applicable, and integral to their future success.”
Katie Weasel,
Wharton Executive Education

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